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Coaching & Certification Programs

WettWorks Academy is committed to designing brain-based development and coaching programs which will meet the development needs for all organisational and coaching niches. Our training programs are designed to inspire all to utilise evidenced based neuroscience to accelerate organisational and coaching outcomes.

Team Coaching

Team coaching is a group, co-creating experience specifically designed to provide you as the leader and your team support in seeking…

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Executive Coaching

An executive coach must also be able to accurately perceive people needs, practices, situations and execute a solid effective approach to help the…

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Business Coaching

Businesses are rapidly changing with frequent job shifts,global teams, limiting resources and limited in-house training, with all of this…

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Brain Based Coaching

In this program, we’ll take a closer look at brain-based leadership development and coaching to give you some insight into the what, why and…

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Leadership Development Coaching

The quality of your leadership drives the performance of the organization. WettWorks Academy accelerates …

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Women in Leadership

Kick some glass and shatter your limitations. Our multi-phased Women’s Leadership Experience is a bold three-month development…

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Leadership and Coaching Development with Neuroscience

Discover how neuroscience aligns with your unique talents and purpose to create changes in your life, your clients, your organization, and the world.

Online Courses

Are you positioned for the future of coaching? Join us for our international, immersive and specialized NeuroCoach Training programs. Learn with trainers from around the world right from the comfort of your home or office.

Self Control & Will Power




Decision Making

Belief Formation

False Memories



Brain-Based Coaching: The Human Performance Accelerator!

Brain-Based Coaching (sometimes referred to as “NeuroCoaching”) merges cutting-edge brain science and behavioural science with the foundations of classical coaching.  

1. Awarded Methodology

A one-of-a-kind course for coaches who want to learn a systematic approach to coaching with a neuroscience framework. It is a 5-stage coaching process that systematically transitions key learning from essential neuroscience knowledge to working with clients agenda to solution(s) to sustainable change. Through this framework you will acquire new knowledge and practice of the theories underpinning neurocoaching.

2. Our Philosophy

We at WettWorks Academy believe the following about every human being: Every person is unique by design and born with the potential for greatness, Every thought contains its own energy and we have the power to choose negative or positive energy,
Every habit, and harmful pattern of thinking can be changed by changing your thinking, Every challenge is a launching pad for transformation, regardless of age, health or situation,
Every experience is a gift that provides wisdom, opportunity and choice for you to be a better you!

3. Certification

This learning program will prepare you to earn our ISO approved NeuroCoaching Certificate I. This will help you leave the basics of a brain-based coaching program and will empower you to use the skills that are necessary to the practice of NeuroCoaching.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have any prior knowledge or expertise in neuroscience?

No! Just bring your curious mind. We start with NSBASIC™ and work up from there to the more complex learning! All the lessons are written in laymen’s language.

Are the programs accredited?

NSBASIC™ Brain-Based Coaching: The Human Performance Accelerator is accredited by the International Coach Federation for 24 CCE’s
Our other Certificate programs are ISO approved and participants will receive a WettWorks Academy of NeuroCoaching and Human Development Certificate

  • You do need to attend 80 % of the live calls to be awarded the ISO certificate. And there is also a required written assessment to submit.
  • You do need to attend 15 out of the 16 applied neuroscience live calls to be awarded the ICF CCE units.

How do I access the training?

All learning materials for each program are accessed through our secure learning portal so you review each learning module prior to the corresponding live session. The monthly material will be released to the learning portal at the end of each month.

Scheduled live sessions can be accessed from any laptop, computer or mobile device.

Live session recordings are also available through the learning portal so you can review, or in case you have missed a class.

How are the programs conducted and how long is each?

  • Each of our programs are 16 weeks of weekly 90 minute live online interactive training sessions.
  • Some pre-arranged programs start with a 3 day in-person intensive
  • We record the weekly classes for your review later
  • Watch (video), listen to (audio), or read whenever it suits you. Access any time on any device.
  • The hands-on practical sessions are comprised of specific skills training, demonstrations, practicing skills with a partner and working on your own live case study.
  • NSBASIC™ – Framework is included in each program with the exception of “NeuroCoaching Certification I” where NSBASIC™ is a prerequisite.
  • Please explore our program descriptions for learning content.

Do you have payment plans?

Yes we have 2 payment options:

  • Pay in Full
  • Monthly payment plans – paid each month in advance

Important Note: 5 participants are needed for each learning program offered, for the program to run. If the minimum is not met by the last day of enrolment, you will be notified and refunded immediately.

What is the money-back guarantee policy?

For those who have paid in full – If within the first 30 days you are not completely satisfied, (and you have attended all the live sessions and read or watched all the learning materials provided), you may receive a pro-rated refund upon request.

For those on a monthly payment plan – If within the first 30 days you are not completely satisfied, (and you have attended all the live sessions and read or watched all the learning materials provided), you may request to withdraw from the program and have your payments stopped. No refund will be given from the first payment.